Suburban House




Brandee's passion for real estate started in her early twenties when she 

developed a tendency to wander luxury neighborhoods. She not only

admired the beauty of different architectural styles but the idea of what a home stands for. It is through her journey in real estate that this idea has become cemented: homeownership is the key staple of creating generational wealth and financial freedom. She is more than knowledgeable of the South Jersey area as she has been a resident here since childhood. Growing up, she quickly grasped the concept of hard work, and realized commitment and dedication always pay off. Whether buying, selling, or investing, her obligation as your Realtor is to make your Real Estate experience seamless while ensuring you understand every step of the transaction. But her passion as a Realtor is finding her clients a suitable home that allows a safe, comfortable environment for a family to flourish for generations to come.


After 10+ years in customer service, Brandee has come to understand the importance of satisfying the needs and wants of the client. She has always been committed to providing the best service because she believes deeply in tenet of treating people the way you want to be treated. Being highly organized with a strong sense of urgency and willingness to go above and beyond is the reason Brandee has been so successful thus far.  She will work timelessly to ensure you are happy, while being personable, reliable, and professional every step of the way.